May 20, 2022

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We are providing Online and Offline Classes To enroll yourself for One year Diploma in Cooking or 2 year Advance Diploma in Cooking

Or do you feel like you want to gain confidence and start with the basics? Cooking is an essential life skill that can be learnt any stage in life. Whether you’re just embarking on cooking for yourself or a young adult transforming into a budding chef, we’ll teach you how to cook with confidence. The class is entirely hands on and taught in small groups, so you develop and practice with guidance from our expert chefs and produce your own meals that you can share with your family and friends. You will learn fundamental skills such as chopping, slicing and dicing, get to know your brunoised to your batons and confidently use knives to make cooking easy. You will make a number of delicious yet simple dishes to create a selection of recipes you can use on a weekly basis. You will be cooking with a variety of meats, vegetables, pulses and grains to broaden your experience of all food types and flavors. You will learn a range of techniques, such as boiling, poaching, frying, roasting and steaming. You will learn to cook perfect in few minutes – steamed, boiled or stir-fried. You will also learn to cook other dishes such as a sizzling stir fry, chili con carne with perfectly cooked rice, a tomato, olive, garlic pasta sauce and a tasty chicken damask. Alternative recipes will be included for any dietary needs. This class is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and those with gluten intolerance. If you would like to speak in detail about your needs, please get in touch.

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